Friday, April 20, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 18

Image result for katie holmes  katie holmes

Image result for angelina jolie and brad pitt kids  angela jolie and brad pitt, their children

Image result for tom and katie and suri  family and bounds

Image result for donald trump and melania trump    barron, donald, and melania

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

short story slam week 87, blogging from a to z in april, G is for Gordon Moore from San Francisco, Silicon Valley


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Image result for gordon moore and robert noyce 

Gordon Moore used to be a good friend to Robert Noyce,
they appear at Intel museum
Image result for intel museum 

Image result for Brian Krzanich   Brian Krzanich, ceo of intel

G is a interesting letter
G is for Gordon Moore
G is for Google Chrome
G is for Gloria Vanderbilt

G is for Garmin GPS
G is for Gates in Microsoft inc.
G is for George Washington at Germany
G is for Gary Jones who support Gary Johnson

G is for Gina Noble,
G is for Ginger roots
G is for Goshen college
G is for Guangzhou hotel Canton tower

Image result for goshen college 

Image result for gloria page  Gloria Page
Image result for guangzhou university

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

short story slam week 85, poetry and story inn fridays week 15,


 the June Allyson Show,
a drama in screen play
Marching our wonder into drafting woods
a star wired gift from guilt-free writer
stormy mood swing in our eyes
yet not to be told about a different soul
of how our life shifts if there is any plot sad
when we walk pass the sandspring Quirkstop
we try to agree that
there is always a language of buffing in yellow jack bees

Friday, February 16, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 13, My Town Shoot Out

Image result for snowy mountain 

Image result for snowy mountain   

Image result for barney and friends   

Image result for scottie pippen     

Chicago Sun Times,
it says " Oxen cart wheels at Buffalo University"
Phil Jackson?
Michael Jackson?
who sings louder?
who dances better?

New York Time square,
it prints "Hilary Welch, Melania Robinson, Laura Willis, and Tara Robinson!!!!"
who dares to write open poems?
who dares to send out closed pleads?
Penny Wilson?
Dennis Deshaker, Larry Riffkin, Tim Platt, Audie Murphy, Sam Walton?

I decide to quit questioning?!
today I seek the beautiful mood from Barney and Friends
I feel good enough to know FRances Cordova, and to know Morton Schapiro

Sunday, January 14, 2018

shadow shot sundays

Stone walls 

  Image result for happy 8th birthday  greetings to Thursday Poets Rally 8th anniversary

1/14/2010 to 1/14/2018

Image result for happy 8th birthday

Image result for stone walls and birthday gifts 

Image result for stone walls and birthday gifts   5/22/1993,  Richard, Sheng, Thomas, Boone, Mark
12/25/1997, Tom, Butkirz, Judy, Robin, John, James, Terry, Burns,
1/2/1968, Jiahng, Justin, Carol, Joseph, Frances, Danny, Kirby,
10/02/1968, Chuck, Hurley, Wilson, Christopher, Benjamin, Ann
1/14/2010, Thursday Poets Rally, Hyde Park Poetry Palace Rally,